About Us

Paisanos was established in 2003 with Chet’s deli menu and homemade sausage courtesy of Deborah Nass. Chet’s Italian sausage has been a Leominster favorite since 1928! With the intentions of continuing to run a family owned business, sisters and business partners, Monique and Toni took over Paisanos in 2019. They strive to continue the Paisanos tradition of offering quality homemade meals for takeout or dine in, while providing a welcoming atmosphere. Monique and Toni are grateful to include their parents John and Carol in their talented dedicated workforce. With the help of their family and friends you are assured to come in a customer and leave a PAISAN.

Owners: MT Sisters Inc.

Monique Salvatelli Iacaboni

Toni Salvatelli

“We stand out because we make almost everything in house and have a unique ability to cater to individual requests”

Toni Salvatelli

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